I feel bad that we rode camels in the morning… and then ate camel in the evening. It’s just the way the schedule worked out. Jason says it’s okay because we didn’t eat the same ones we rode. Plus I’m sure the camel on our plates lived a long and fulfilling life.

Camel hoof tendon - Dunhuang

The dish was actually camel hoof tendons. It’s considered a delicacy. The steamed tendons were served in a tomato and onion kind of sauce.

“Chewy,” I thought.

“Nasty,” said my boyfriend.

“Needs hot sauce,” said my auntie.

The tendon plate was garnished with a tower of caramel corn, to represent the Heavenly Mountains.

My sister ate most of the popcorn and that of the table next to us. However, quite a bit of tendon was left over.

Our bus driver said he’s lived his whole life in Dunhuang but never had the chance to try such a delicacy. So we packed up the leftover hoof bits and sent it home with him, much to his delight.